A stone walkway with pillars and benches.

Restore the Beauty of Your Home or Office Exterior

Paramount Property Restoration Services offers professional business and house power washing services to restore the exterior beauty of their properties. We are equipped to pressure wash almost anything outside, from driveways, porches, fences, and swing sets to yard toys.

What We Do

Deck Cleaning

We provide solutions for cleaning decks made of wood or plastic of any size. Routine pressure washing is essential to maintain the stability and value of decks.

Gas Station Cleaning

Our hot water pressure washing system is effective in removing oil and chemical stains left behind by cold water pressure washers.

Walkway/Sidewalk Cleaning

We clean hard surface materials such as brick, concrete, and flagstone thoroughly, removing dirt and mold buildup that can become hazardous when wet.

Retail Store Cleaning

We offer cleaning services for storefronts, including windows, brick, siding, concrete, sidewalks, and entrances, to make your store clean and inviting.

Pool/Pool Deck Cleaning

We take special care to remove debris around the pool area and provide you with a clean and safe surface area.

New Home Construction Cleaning

We provide quick cleaning solutions for driveways, lead walks, garage floors & doors, aprons, and sidewalks, to give the new homeowner a great first impression.

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

We use our cleaning solutions and high-pressure water to restore outdoor furniture made of plastic, wood, metal, or canvas.

Vehicle Fleet Cleaning

We also offer fleet services for cleaning vehicles and equipment.

Siding Cleaning

We provide pressure washing services to brighten up your home's exterior by removing green mold and dirt buildup on aluminum, plastic, wood, or any other siding material.

With our expertise and professional services, countless homeowners and business owners have been able to restore the beauty of their properties. Let us know what you need to be cleaned, and we'll tell you if it can be done safely.