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Professional Furniture Upholstery Cleaning & Fabric Care in Northern Virginia (VA)


In addition to our professional carpet cleaning services, we also perform residential furniture and fabric care and cleaning. Our expert, on-site upholstery cleaning uses advanced technology and detergents to not only provide stunning results, but frequently allow the upholstery to be available for use within just a few hours.

Because of the delicate quality of many of today’s fabrics, it is critical not to over wet them. To avoid this, we utilize a special low-moisture soil extraction cleaning system on delicate fabrics. And for materials that are more robust and more heavily soiled, we use a hot water extraction upholstery cleaning system.​

Before we begin cleaning, we always thoroughly evaluate the fabric type and cleaning requirements.

The stuffing material inside of cushions is also always checked to ensure no bleed-through will occur. Lastly, all detergents and stain removers are tested on a hidden area of the fabric to ensure they will not change or damage it in any way.

We then perform a comprehensive vacuuming of the fabric, and heavily soiled areas are pretreated with the most effective and appropriate stain remover. The fabric is then cleaned using either the hot water extraction or low moisture cleaning system.

Paramount VA - Professional Carpet Cleaning
Paramount VA - Professional Carpet Cleaning

In the event that there are any stains or marks that remained, they are individually attended to using the most appropriate stain lifter and a repeat treatment of the cleaning system. Both the hot water extraction and low moisture cleaning systems remove the stain lifting chemicals as well as the original soil to ensure the fabric is left as thoroughly clean as possible.

  • No Hidden Charges
  • High Temperature Cleaning
  • Faster Drying Time
  • Spot Removers
  • Pet Odor / Pet Stain Removers
  • Only the Best Cleaning Agents
  • Deodorizing and Disinfecting Available

If you’re a pet owner, you’re all too familiar with how pet stains begin. You turn your back on your house pet for a moment, nature calls, and presto! You’re lovely carpet suddenly wears a pet stain!

Once your upholstery is cleaned you should protect it from future stains and damage. Ask about our fabric protection services.


​Protect your carpets, and upholstery. 3M Scotchguard forms a molecular shield around each fiber. This protects the fabric and prevents dirt and spills from getting into your upholstery. The shield lowers the surface energy of the upholstery fibers causing them to repel liquid spills and dust and dirt. Teflon is undetectable by sight, smell or touch, Teflon®, but protects all kinds of fabrics. 3M Scotchguard keeps dirt from sticking to the fibers, making your upholstery stay cleaner and fresher longer. The next time you get your upholstery cleaned don’t forget to request the 3M Scotchguard advanced fabric protector.



Q: Does Cleaning Remove the 3M Scotchguard?
A: Some 3M Scotchguard carpet protector is removed from the fiber from heavy traffic or aggressive cleaning. Some product may also be removed by strong cleaning agents and chemicals. Check with your supplier to determine which cleaning agents you may need to avoid. It is generally recommended to re-apply 3M Scotchguard Advanced each time the carpet is cleaned.

Q: How often should protectors be applied?
A: Since the biggest enemy of the protectors is abrasion from traffic, and traffic varies with each situation, the general recommendation for re-application is after each cleaning. The same conditions that led to the need for cleaning probably have led to the need to refresh the carpet protection.

Q: Is 3M Scotchguard appropriate for all fibers?
A: Yes, 3M Scotchguard provides protection from soil and stains on all types of carpet fibers. A special formulation of 3M Scotchguard carpet protector has now been developed for use on wool fibers.

Q: What about drying time?
A: Whenever possible the carpet should not be put back into service until dry to the touch. The length of time will vary depending upon the drying conditions, but is usually only a few hours.

Q: Can 3M Scotchguard be applied to upholstery?
A: Yes, 3M Scotchguard also works on upholstery that is not subject to water damage as is silk and other more exotic fabrics. 3M Scotchguard is suitable to protect upholstery made from most cotton, nylon, polyester, and blends of these fibers. But if water damage is a possibility or a concern, do not apply the product.

Paramount Carpet Cleaning can help you remove the toughest pet stains and bring your carpet back to it’s original beauty.

We clean and decontaminate from the surface using a heavy duty pre-treatment solution followed by a thorough cleaning and extraction. We treat the surface with a powerful enzyme treatment using a specially formulated product which loosens the dog, cat, and pet urine salts for easier removal than just home cleaning alone can do. We follow with a deep cleaning process to remove the urine from the carpet fibers.

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